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ΛΦΕ was founded in 1981 on the campus of University of California at Los Angeles by Mr. Craig Ishigo, the principal founding father, and eighteen other men. The goal of the fraternity was to transcend the limitations to which traditional Asian American organizations were subject. While traditional Asian campus organizations were often split along lines of national origins, the founders sought an organization that drew its membership equally from the different segments of the Asian American community. Their vision was that the members would eventually bridge the gaps fragmenting the Asian American community through their affiliation with a common organization.

The greatest hurdle in reaching this goal, however, was the membership discontinuity of traditional Asian campus organizations. Student associations provided at best a circle of friends spanning the four years of most undergraduates' college experience and at worst a group of familiar strangers encountered during periodic social functions. The yearly turnover of most organizations' officers made it nearly impossible to pursue any extended project as each new officer core set its own agenda. The founders' solution to this dilemma was the adoption of a fraternal structure. By forming as ΛΦΕ an Asian-American Interest fraternity, the founders formed a strong bond of brotherhood with each other during their undergraduate experience, and made a commitment to the organization as alumnus even after graduation.

In order to facilitate the process of rapid expansion and to seek standardization throughout the nation, the existing six chapters came together on Memorial Day, 1990, to form what is known as ΛΦΕ National Fraternity. At this conference, a national governing body was established to better coordinate each individual chapters efforts, a national philanthropy was adopted, national expansion policies implemented and Memorial Day weekend was designated as the official date for the annual convention of ΛΦΕ National. That fall, with the admittance into the National Interfraternity Council, ΛΦΕbecame the first and only nationally recognized Asian-American Interest Fraternity.

In 1995 to better serve the fraternity as a whole, ΛΦΕ became a California non-profit corporation. It further divided into two divisions, Alumni and Active, each with its own officer CORPS, policies and procedures.

In the Active division, numerous programs were developed to address the needs of the collegiate brotherhood throughout the nation and abroad. The National Service Program adopted several national philanthropies. The most notable is the Asian American Bone Marrow Donor Program. To date, no other organization in the United States has enlisted more registrants to the Asian bone marrow donor library than ΛΦΕ. The National Academic Committee developed guidelines and scholarship programs to encourage academic excellence in our collegiate chapters. The National Expansion Committee developed formal procedures and a fair application process for all interest groups. The creation of the National Brotherhood Program sent national staff members to collegiate chapters to demonstrate different methods of building brotherhood and character. The National Brotherhood Program also established an Annual Brotherhood Showcase, where brothers from around the nation exemplify their understanding of brotherhood through artistic expression.

The alumni Division has also become a large part of ΛΦΕ National activities. Like the Active Division, the Alumni Division has its own officer CORPS and regions, including an international region in Japan. Regional Alumni Associations hold events, such as professional and community events, as well as, events which allow interaction between the active and alumni members.

Today, there are thousands of brothers in the United States and throughout the world. ΛΦΕ National Fraternity continues to strive to achieve its motto, "To Be Leaders Among Men," by providing services to assist brothers in achieving their fullest potential. Our Active Division continues to teach young men principles of leadership and strong moral character. Our Alumni Division then provides a forum in which brothers may apply these beliefs and become true leaders of their communities. Ultimately, it is the principles of ΛΦΕ that will inspire all brothers to lead their communities to a better, brighter way of life.

The fraternal structure has allowed ΛΦΕ to perennially maintain the leadership and quality of membership so that we may be able to meet our status quo as well as continually better ourselves as students and members of our society. With many social and service events planned throughout the year, we invite everyone to check out what ΛΦΕ has to offer. As you may already know, college is not only about improving your mind but also about personal growth and establishing oneself as an individual. Let ΛΦΕ help you in providing those resources.

Founding Fathers

Mister Hunter Chang Mister Jim Lee Mister Kevin Shida
Mister Randy Fujimoto Mister Bruce Mau Mister Albert Sun
Mister John Hanvey Mister Ted Mihara Mister Weyton Tam
Master Craig Ishigo Mister Neal Miyazaki Mister Jamie Watanabe
Mister Jeff Kaku Mister Darryl Mu Mister Bennet Wong
Mister Bobby Kawai Mister Kelvin Sakai Mister Fred Wong
Mister Dean Kumagawa

Chapter History

ΛΦΕ at Carnegie Mellon University was established on March 24, 2002 by seventeen ambitious young men.

Frustrated with the fragmented Asian community in Carnegie Mellon University, the Tsung brothers in the summer of 2001 contacted several close friends in hopes of unifying the community by bringing ΛΦΕ to Carnegie Mellon University. Inspired by Simon/Beeker's (Alpha Alpha) presentation, BAM (Brotherhood of Asian-American Men) was created to do what the many student associations couldn't do: satisfy the student body's short-term interests while achieving the long-term goals of a community. Initially led by a group of close friends, BAM sought to accomplish this task by bringing ΛΦΕ - a nation-wide Asian interest fraternity - to Carnegie Mellon University. Organized by the original members and a few recent additions BAM quickly gained momentum with their first party Heat-Wave. The concept of a fraternity based on the ideals of brotherhood was more than compelling; soon fourteen other students joined BAM. The trips to Buffalo's annual Halloween Party and Penn State's Spin help fuel their determination. The group of nineteen men each believed that, despite the many setbacks, ΛΦΕ encompassed many of their own ideals: strength in friendship and more importantly, strength and love in brotherhood.

Working together, their tireless efforts were rewarded when the reverent Penn State University ΛΦΕ (Tau Chapter) agreed to take on the nineteen pledges, led by Pledge Master Michael "Covergirl" Wong. The grueling nine-week affair took its toll, and not before long the pledge class was unfortunately reduced to 17 members. Nevertheless, their ambition was only surpassed by their sense of dedication. The idea of being a charter member was the proverbial light at the end of the long and arduous tunnel that is pledging. In fact, the Carnegie Mellon ΛΦΕ can now boast the largest charter class in the recent history of ΛΦΕ . It was 2:04 in the afternoon of March 24th, when the seventeen men crossed into Eternal Brotherhood. Witnessed by the brothers of Tau Chapter, their bond was molded and forged by the very foundations of a brotherhood: trust and sacrifice. The journey was long and hard, but they finally succeeded. The seventeen remaining were no longer a class of pledges or a group of friends who shared a common goal. They were now the seventeen founding fathers of the Carnegie Mellon chapter of ΛΦΕ leaders among men. The goal they so fervently labored for the title and respect that comes only with crossing was finally achieved. So what had held the seventeen individuals together for nine hellish weeks will now hold them forever together.

As stated best by a CMU alumnus "It's not a clique. It's not a crew. It's not your boys back home. It's not a social crutch, a result of some complex or an answer to your insecurities. It's not a best friend, because you don't even have to be friends. It's not someone to eat lunch with, because they don't even have to be there all the time. It's 'I got your back, no matter what.' It's family. It's respect. It's love. It's Eternal Brotherhood"

Headed by ex-president Darren 'El Baggo Crappo' Chan since 2002, CMU ΛΦΕ is driven by their dedication and love for the CMU community. Throughout the years, the brothers take part in many cultural and service events on campus, ranging from the annual Culture Night and Asian Heritage Week to Greek Week and Carnival Weekend. Their talents are almost as varied as their personalities; CMU ΛΦΕ has a unique mix of men of distinctive abilities. Now with a solid foundation after crossing sixteen classes and over 140 brothers, ΛΦΕ at CMU has a bright future.

CMU Charters

Mister Michael Zan Mister Danny Lam Mister Vincent Tang
Mister Jason Chew Mister Jeff Chen Mister Michael Park
Mister Terry Kong Mister Steven Han Mister Howard Tsung
Mister Darren Chan Mister Alexander Su Mister Justin Liok
Mister Samuel Byun Mister Brian Young Mister Jay Wang
Mister Paul Son Mister Sang Lee


Experience Eternal Brotherhood

What We Do

We are Lambda Phi Epsilon

ΛΦΕ is a social and service fraternity with Asian-American concerns and interests in mind. Our goal is to establish and perpetuate Brotherhood and fellowship among its members. With 59 chapters from coast to coast, ΛΦΕ provides a common ground for men of all ethnicities with similar goals and beliefs to come together and unite as one. Grounded on the principles of wisdom, honor, and courage ΛΦΕ continues to teach young men the fundamentals of leadership and strong moral character.


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Mister Michael Zan

Mister Jason Chew

Mister Terry Kong

Mister Darren Chan

Mister Samuel Byun

Mister Paul Son

Mister Danny Lam

Mister Jeff Chen

Mister Steven Han

Mister Alexander Su

Mister Brian Young

Mister Sang Lee

Mister Vincent Tang

Mister Michael Park

Mister Howard Tsung

Mister Justin Liok

Mister Jay Wang



George Tsung

Jason Kim

Jason Chen

Albert Chung

Albert Du

Gary Loo

Jason Ree

Michael Choi


Alex Duan

Andy Yang

Glen Gee

Eric Hong

Michael Chen



Bryan Oh

Christopher Kwok

Lu Yang

James Kot

David Lee

Johnson Chen


Andrew Chuang

Shan Jiang


Yi Jin

William Wong

John Deng

Tony Lee

Gary Poon



Victor Sinn

Jack Wang

Weilin Liu

Charles Lee

Bernard Ahn

Michael Lu


Stephen Lok

Victor Kang


Jun Chun

Skyler Ahn

Bill Liao

Brian Hwang

William Chow

James Poch

Alexander Su

Sung Jin Park

Tom Liu



Eric Liu

Mike Hua

Junhee Won

Philip Orbeta

Michael Yim

Geoffrey Tsui

Oliver Lam



Will Sergeant

Jongwoo Lee

Charles Lee

Leo Lung

Donald Huh

Tony Peng

Wayne Huang

Kevin Su

Kevin Cho

Mark De Note


Edy Hwang

Leonard Dul

Philip Yang

Leo Yoon

Brandon Ho

Jonathan Chan

Alex Owens

Willie Zhang

Nick Rock

Andrew Sung

Jongkook Lee

Peter Lee


Daniel In

Grant Skudlarek

Allen Song



Jiho Kim

Jin Hong

Euen Fan

Andrew Jin

Hoon Choi

Patrick Jang

Chris Roh



Alex Duda

Dale Zhang

Jack Ma

Samuel Cheang

Mahir Kothari

Eric Gan

Alex Huseman

Brian Kim

Henry Neale



Kevin Louie

Sheen Lueh

Sean Kim

David Kim

Sang Park



Jeremy Lu

Austin Ahn

Kevin Wang

Dan Kelley

Jonathan Wang

Doo Ho Ro

Sam Lim

Pengyun Liu

Jason Yan

Benson Zhang

Matt Gode

Ibukun Fayo Adeleye


Eric Terui

Akaash Mungale


Jeremy Kao

Tony Jin

Charles He

Rodrigo Oberlander

Anire Bowman



Ken MacMann

Jason Lee


Sean Kim

Yen Wu

Clay Yoo

Michael Shin

Johnny Wu

Kevin Song

JaeWon Yoon

Shane Conton


Bryan Yan

Jason Chen

Charles Wang

Rei Siew


Ed Cho

Adriel Mendoza

Spencer Poon

Andy Lin

Rickie Jang

Austin Yu

Arturo Rodriguez



Kevin Gao

Don Lee

Joshua Huang

Tony Hong


Hk Kang

Daniel Lee

Brian Kang

Harry Nam

Aaron Lee

Andy Liu


John Lee

Eugene Jang

Jeffrey Huang

Jonathan Fung

Albert Yuan

Matt Liu

Daniel Lei



Terrance Wong

Aditya Lala

Steven Kim

Brian Choi

Fred Lee

Jonathan Kim

Matthew Kim

Patrick Gao

Sewon Park

Joonhee Han

Henry Lin

Daniel Back

Inho Kang



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